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QTP Training


VB Scripting and Basic QTP

Training Video - 1
Duration:    17 mins

QTP Fundamentals
 Why QTP?
 When do we use QTP?
 Which application will we test? Will be doing live applications testing
 Downloading and installing trial version
 Installing addins
 Making QTP work on Windows 7- Turn off UAC
 Installing script debugger
 QTP vs other automation tools
 Advantages/ Disadvantages of QTP
 How much VB scripting is required in QTP?
 Simple Record and Run
Training Video - 8
Duration:  1 hr 42 min

Objects, Object Repository
 What is an object?
 Object Spy
 Features in Object Spy
 Help - My spy is not working !!
 Classification of objects
 Object Repository
 Mapping OR with code and application
 Object hierarchy in Object repository
 Dragging objects
 Object Synchronization and wait
 Adding objects manually in OR
 Adding all objects of page in OR
 Adding selected objects of page
 Finding Object in OR from app
 Finding Object in app from OR
 Storing OR on hard disk
 Local and shared object repository
 Implementing QTP in your project and importance of shared repository
 Object repository manager
 Merging object repositories
Training Video - 15
Duration:   1hr 40 min

WebServices - REST/JSON Testing
 What is a webservice?
 Firing request and parsing JSON response
 Validating JSON response using VB
 What are reusable actions
 Project on JSON Webservice testing
Training Video - 2
Duration:    47 mins

VB scripting Fundamentals
 What is VB and why QTP/UFT uses it?
 Variables and constants
 msgbox, print, inputbox, vbcrlf commands
 Running a script
 Concatination operator
 Managing long strings in Scripting
 Run from step and run to step
 Option explicit
 Exiting Loops
 Creating executing vb scripts in QTP/UFT
 Creating executing vb scripts in notepad
Training Video - 9
Duration:  1 hr 32 min

Objects Identification
 Native and identification Properties
 GetRoProperty - Read identification properties
 Script to find Browser version
 Getting browser title
 Handling Dynamic Objects
 Find number of search results from google
 Testing windows based calculator exercise
 Managing links
 Managing listbox/multi-selectlist
 Managing Input box
 Managing Buttons
 Managing Checkboxes
 Identifying/reading text from application
 SPY Operations
 Capture screenshot of page
 Capture screenshot of Object like Link, Button etc
Training Video - 16
Duration:   1hr 35 min

Actions, Function Libraries
 What is action?
 Multiple Actions in test
 Shared Object Repository for actions
 What are reusable actions
 Creating and calling reusable action
 Parameter passing and parameter retrieval from Actions
 Functions in Actions
 Local Functions
 Why do we need function library
 Practical usage of function library
 When to use reusable actions and when to use Function libraries
 Split Action
Training Video - 3
Duration:    1 hr 12 min

Arrays,Sub,Functions and Objects in VB
 Redim and arrays
 Installing addins
 Using Inbuilt VB Functions
 Type Conversion functions
 Date and Time functions
 Comparing dates
 Formatting dates
 String manipulation functions
 Practical usage of functions in QTP
 Class Object
 Err Object - Error Handling
 On error resume next
 Methods and Properties of Err Object
Training Video - 10
Duration:  1 hr 45 min

Working without OR, Handling Webtables
 Working without Object repository
 Why/When to work without OR
 Counting total open browsers
 Closing all open Browsers
 Identifying object with single/multiple properties without using OR
 What if 2 objects have same Properties
 Handling examples in earlier modules without OR
 Working with Links opening in new tab
 What is a webtable
 Counting columns in a webtable
 Counting rows in a webtable
 Extracting data from a webtable
 Dynamic webtables
 Get row with cell data
 WebTables inside WebTables
Training Video - 17
Duration:   41 min

Regular Expressions in Object Repository
 Why do we need regex in OR??
 Dynamically changing Objects
 Creating/Using Regular expression validation function
 Validating dynamically changing Objects
 Validating dynamic time displayed on webpage
 Validating dynamic text on webpage
 Validating dynamic contents in webtable cells
Training Video - 4
Duration:    1 hr 3 min

Regular Expressions in VB
 What are Regular expressions
 Matches Collection
 Match Object
 Where can we use regular expressions
 Regular expression Patterns in VB
 RegExp Object in VB
 Global Property in Regular expression
 Ignorecase Property in Regular expression
 Pattern Property in Regular Expression
 Execute method of in Regular expression object
 Replace method of in Regular expression object
 Test method of in Regular expression object
 Using Matches collection, match object and RegExp Object to evaluate regular expressions
 Regular expression examples/exercises
Training Video - 11
Duration:  1 hr 45 min

Reports , ToPRoterty and ROProperty, Object validation
 Various Test Status
 Reporter Object
 Properties and Methods of reporter object
 Attaching Screenshots in Reports
 Marking test case fail/pass
 Screen Recorder
 System Monitor
 Exporting reports to various formats such as - pdf, xls
 Difference between TO Property and RO property
 Comparing RO and TO properties
 Developing a custom function to validate object
 Reporting ro and to properties validation in reports using a dictionary object
 SetToProperty Usage
Training Video - 18
Duration:   1hr 40 min

Checkpoints and Output Values
 What are checkpoints?
 Active screen
 Concept of step generator
 Standard Checkpoint
 Text checkpoint
 Text area checkpoint
 Bitmap checkpoint
 Screen capture and comparison COM API
 Database checkpoint
 Accessibility checkpoint
 XML Checkpoint
 Practicality of checkpoints
 Checkpoints in webtable
 What is output value?
 Standard Output value
 Text Output value
 Text area Output value
 Database Output value
 Checkpoints and output value with webtable
 Parameterizing output values
 Practicality of checkpoints and output value
Training Video - 5
Duration:    45 min

Dictionary Object, File Handling(FSO) in VB
 What is Dictionary Object in VB
 Methods and Properties of Dictionary Object
 What is FileSystemObject
 FileSystemObject object methods and properties
 Reading, Writing, Creating, Deleting files
 Creating files Using FSO
 Writing files Using FSO
 Ignorecase Property in Regular expression
 Reading Files Using FSO
 Files Collection - Handling multiple files
 Folders Collection - Handling multiple folders
 Destroying Objects - Nothing
 Random Number generation
Training Video - 12
Duration:  1 hr 20 min

Datatable/XL file handling
 Why datatable
 What is datatable object
 Local and global sheets
 Global Sheet - Reading/writing data
 Local Sheet - Reading/writing data
 Adding custom sheets in datatable
 Run time Datatable
 Adding columns though script
 Importing xls sheet data into datatable sheet
 Importing complete xls file in datatable
 Exporting sheet from xls file
 Exporting complete datatable to xls file
 Example - Copying contents of one sheet of xls to another sheet
 Example - Comparing values of two columns of xls file
 Common mistakes with datatable
Training Video - 19
Duration:   16 min

Recording types, Virtual objects, Unix/command prompt
 Different recording Types in QTP
 When to use various recording types
 Concept of virtual Objects
 Creating virtual Objects
 WWhen to use virtual objects
 Working on Unix command prompt
Training Video - 6
Duration:    1 hr 38 min

Handling XLS files with VB script
 Why do we need Xls file handling?
 VB script to create xls file
 Opening existing xls file
 FileSystemObject object methods and properties
 VB script to find if XLS file is existing
 Overriding an existing file
 Adding sheet / Deleting sheets
 Counting number of rows/column in a sheet
 Reading from XLS File
 Writing in XLS File
 Determining if sheet/column is existing
 Copying contents of one sheet to another
 Comparing contents of 2 sheets
 Concept of function library
 Creating custom Xls Functions and storing them in VBS File
 Adding Links to screenshots/websites into Cells
 Preparing custom functions to read, write, delete and add sheets/cells/columns
Training Video - 13
Duration:  1 hr 50 min

Environment variables , Datatable example
 What are Environment variables?
 In-built and user defined environment variables
 Practical Usage of environment vaiables
 Importing/ environment variables from XML file
 Datatable mini Project -1
 Datatable mini Project -2
Training Video - 20
Duration:   1hr 22 min

 Finding hidden objects
 Finding if object is disabled
 Right click on object
 Simulating Back front Button
 Keyboard click events
 Clearing Cache
 Deleting ,Reading cookies
 Extracting Session ID
 Extracting Session ID
 Right clicking on Object
 Tabbed Browsing
 Popup Handling
 Moving mouse
 Start/End transaction
 Time taken by script to execute
Training Video - 7
Duration:    1 hr 14 min

Basics of QTP
 Creating a new Test
 Record and Run settings
 Understanding Results page in QTP and disabling it
 Help- My QTP is not recording and running scripts!!
 Rules for recording web based applications
 Rules for recording windows based applications
 Run from step and Run to step
 Commenting and uncommenting code
 Record and run settings
 Changing font size in QTP
 Expert view and Keyword view - Which is better?
 Optional Steps
 Slowing down the script execution speed
 Saving the test
 Encoding pasword- QTP password encoder
Training Video - 14
Duration:  51 min

Xpath based object identification
 What are xpaths
 Firebug and Firepath
 Generating your own Xpaths
 Various HTML components
 Xpaths in IE and Mozilla
 Absolute and partial Xpaths
 How can we use Xpaths in QTP
 Using multiple properties in XPATHs
 Variable xpaths
 Common Xpaths
 Testing Links with Xpaths
 When xpath? Why cant we use regular object properties
 Are xpaths good enough when we can detect object in a normal way
Training Video - 21
Duration:  55 min

Database Connection and Testing
 Why we need to connect to database?
 What types of databases are supported
 Installing sqlserver database - sql server and sql server management studio
 Installing mysql database
 Adodb.connection factory
 What is connection String
 Generating connection String for SQL Server Database
 Generating connection String for Mysql Database
 Connecting to Sql Server and Mysql Databases with VB
 Executing CRUD operations
 Resultset Object
 ADODB.Command factory
 Executing stored procedures from QTP Script

Advanced QTP- Descriptive Programming

Training Video - 22
Duration:    1 hr 33 min

Descriptive programming using VB
 We have already started descriptive programming
 Counting all the objects in a page
 How does QTP extracts objects
 Extracting all the objects and printing properties of objects
 What is Micclass
 Extracting all links of page and printing their names
 When do we use descriptive programming and bulk object extraction
 Unique properties and similar objects
 Extracting specific objects
 Descriptive programming and various web components
 Finding all result links after searching on google - Finding bids and prices on all items
 Navigating through Pagination links
 Err Object - Error Handling
Training Video - 24
Duration:  40 min

Descriptive programming/VB - Testing Links
 Extracting links and clicking them one by one
 Checking static links on site
 Checking dynamic links
 How to find if link is broken
 Testing Pagination Links
Training Video - 26
Duration:   42 min

Automating Desktop Application - Gtalk
 Why cant we record and run Gtalk?
 VB Script to login into Gtalk
 When QTP never detects an Object
 WinObject demystified
 GetVisibletext Function
 GetTextLocation function
 Desktop Object
 VB Script to find a friend in Gtalk list
 VB Script to find a friend in Gtalk list and message him
Training Video - 23
Duration:    1 hr 10 min

Descriptive Programming/VB continued
 Objects inside objects
 Finding Objects which do not have Unique properties
 Gmail Login Text Fields
 Closing all open Browsers
 Quikr link extraction Examples
 Rediff Example
 Using regular expressions in descriptions
 Using Regex on Text indentification
 Using Regex to Handle dynamically changing object ID
Training Video - 25
Duration:  55 min

Descriptive Programming and Webtables
 Desktop Object
 Practical Usage of desktop Object
 Finding browser version/type
 Extracting objects from Webtables
 Extracting Objects from specific cells of Webtable
 Pagination with Webtable - WebTable example Example
 QTP inbuilt code samples
Training Video - 27
Duration:   25 min

Recovery Scenarios
 What is recovery scenario manager?
 When do we use Recover scenario in QTP?
 Various phases of recovery scenario
 Handling popups with recovery scenario
 Handling errors with Recovery scenario
 How is Recovery Scenario different than 'on error resume next'
 Parameters of the recovery Function
 Enabling conditions of recovery scenario

AOM, QTP-QC Connection

Training Video - 28
Duration:    1 hr 18 min

Automation Object Model(AOM) in QTP
 What is AOM
 AOM - Object Model Diagram
 Qucktest.Application Object
 Handling QTP remotely with AOM
 Why and when do we use AOM
 Test Object
 Test Libraries Collection
 Addin Object
 TD Connection Object
 TestSettings Object
 Other AOM objects and how to work with them
 Executing test with AOM
 Batch Execution with AOM
 Getting testrun results
 Modifying datatable with AOM
 Associating Function Libraries to a test
 Associating Object repository to a test
 Environment variables and AOM
 Log generation along with AOM script
 Environment variables and AOM
Training Video - 30
Duration:  1 hr 45 min

QC connection with AOM
 Calling function in 1 vbs file from another vbs file
 Logging in and Connecting to QC Project with AOM
 AOM-Opening test from QC and executing it
 AOM-Add Function Library from QC into script
 AOM-Adding OR from QC into Test case
 AOM-Import environment variables from QC
 AOM-Importing xls file
 AOM-Raising defects in QC
 AOM-Saving a test present on local system in QC
Training Video - 29
Duration:    1 hr

QC connection with UI
 What is QC
 QC Addin
 QC Test Plan
 QC Test Resources
 QC Test Lab
 Saving a Test in QC
 Adding Test to QC Test Set
 Executing QTP test through QC
 Batch execution of tests
 Viewing QTP test run reports through QC
 Adding Environment Variables to QC
 Adding Function Library in QC
 Adding xls files in QC
 Adding Object repository in QC
 Attaching Function Library to local test from QC
 Attaching Object repository to local test from QC
 Importing environment variables from QC
 Importing xls files from QC
 Executing QTP test with function libraries,xls, OR and environment variables from QC
 Raising defects in QC from QTP
Training Video - 31
Duration:  1 hr

QC Open Test Architecture(OTA)
 What is OTA
 Why do we need OTA
 QC OTA Documentation
 TDApiOle80.TDConnection Factory
 VB script to Connect to QC
 Conecting to project and domain in QC
 Logging in QC
 TestSetFactory in QC OTA
 TestSetTreeManager in QC OTA
 Finding a testset in QC
 Executing testSet in QC
 Disconecting from project
 Logging out from QC/Releasing connection
 Creating a testSet
 Adding tests to test Set


Training Video - 32
Duration:    15 hrs

Data Driven Framework
 What is a framework
 Preparing vbs files having cutom functions
 Preparing xls.vbs having all xls reading custom functions
 Preparing TestManager.vbs for managing test cases
 Building Object repository in Xls File
 Preparing Verification.vbs and BrowserUtil.vbs having custom functions to interact with browser
 Deciding TestSets/TestCases
 Deciding environment variables
 Implementing tests
 Parameterizing tests from xls
 Running a test on different browsers
 Generating xls based reports and QTP reports
 Skipping test cases and test sets
 Taking screenshots of errors and putting in reports
 Recovering from errors and reporting them
 AOM Script to execute test cases in batch
 Generating logs for complete project through AOM
 Generating logs for individual test cases through AOM
 Managing project portability accross systems
 Memory management in case of large number of test cases
Training Video - 33
Duration:  10 hrs

Hybrid framework
 What is Hybrid Framework
 Deciding test cases to automate
 Building Xls files for test cases
 Granual Keywords
 Application dependent keywords
 Bulding OR from Xls
 Extracting objects through descriptive programming
 Managing Objects with similar properties
 Building resusable components and VB function libraries
 Selectively running testcases
 Reading data from Xls - Building Datadriven scripts
 Running test case multiple times with different sets of test data
 Running test cases on diferent browsers
 Generating xls based reports
 Execuitng test Suites
 Taking screnshots of errors
 Running the project from AOM
 Memory management in case of large number of test cases
 Extending the framework

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