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WebEx player not working

asif_nisar Post on 30/10/2018

Recently, something has changed...either your video format or WebEx, I keep getting a popup box "WebEx player not responding". I tried it on my desktop pc with Windows 10 and also on my laptop with windows 7. After clicking on the module, selecting a video and entering the passcode number, a player window opens and after a few seconds a popup comes that WebEx player is not responding. I was to watch your videos just fnd before the website design change, not sure why I am getting this issue. Could you please look into it as I really need to watch some videos for my job? Thank you!



Demo Reply on 30/10/2018

Yes this is a known issue.
We are working on this

There were 2 issues with video. 1 has been fixed.
This one is being investigated.

asif_nisar Reply on 31/10/2018

Thank you, Ashish. Please let me know at your earliest as I am starting my new job next week and really need a refresher ASAP. Thanks!



Demo Reply on 07/11/2018

Follow this

1) Download, install webex removal tool and remove webex completely
2) Restart PC
3) Do this setting in IE
Internet Explorer >> More options > Advanced Tab > Enable TLS1.2
Then try to play videos in Mozilla/IE
4) Try to play in mozilla. It will ask to download exe. Please download and install webex exe for mozilla and then player will launch in 2 min
5) For chrome, please install the webex exe from following link and then try to play