Selenium Tutorial-What is Selenium

This Selenium Tutorial explains you Basics of Selenium.It is a browser automation open source testing tool used for testing only Web Applications.It can not test your desktop application.Selenium supports multiple browsers.Selenium is getting famous day by day and at present it is used by various organizations.

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Selenium is an open source automation testing tool for web based applications. Its easy to use,strong and is very flexible. You can work on many operating systems using selenium and you can code in any one of the following languages when using selenium.

Languages supported by Selenium
- Java
- C#
- Ruby
- Pyton
- Pearl

Browsers supported by Selenium
- Mozilla(till latest version)
- IE 6,7,8
- Google chrome
- Opera8,9,10

The language which you use is independent of the language in which your application is made. Fox example if your application is made in C#, then you can use selenium with any languages mentioned above to test it. You need to know atleast one programming languages mentioned above in order to learn selenium.
Operating systems Supported by Selenium include windows, mac, linux, unix and many more.

Components of Selenium
- Selenium IDE: Installs as an addon in Mozilla.Only runs in Mozilla. Its got a strong feature of record and run. You can also extend IDE functionality with the help of user extensions. It supports regular extensions, loops, if statements and many other features. You can also parameterize your test cases using IDE. Click here to view 4 hours of Selenium IDE video tutorial.
- Selenium RC: This is the older version of selenium. It works on multiple browsers. RC can be implemented in any one of the programming languages mentioned abve. Click here to view a tutrial covering selenium RC installation and Selenium Tests.
- Webdriver: Webdriver is the new version of selenium. It also works on multiple browsers. Its removed many drawbacks and issues in Selenium RC. It also supports Android and Iphone Testing. Click here to view a tutorial on Webdriver installation and writing Selenium tests.
- Grid: Grid is used to run test cases parallely on multiple machines and browsers.

Certain Features which make it a strong tool to use are:
- Open source
- Works on multiple browsers and multiple operating systems as compared to other tools in market.
- You can develop selenium code and make it run parallely on multiple machines using different browsers.
- Support for Android and Iphone Testing.
- Selenium IDE is a simple tool which comes as an addon in firefox and is easy to use. It has the record and run feature which is very strong.
- You can also extend the functionality/scope of IDE with the help of many plugins available
- You can also create your own Selenium IDE plugins
- Selenium RC is the older version of selenium and is supporting all the languages mentioned above
- Webdriver is the latest version of selenium and is very strong. Its removed lots of drawbacks in RC and introduced many more features in selenium. - Selenium when used with Hudson can be used for Continuous integration.
- Object oriented datadriven or hybrid testing framework can be made very easily.
- You can use open source frameworks such as junit, testng, nuint etc and can write selenium test cases in them