Selenium Tutorial-Install Selenium

This Selenium Tutorial explains you how to configure selenium on your machine.Everyone get confused that how to install selenium but Selenium is not for installation you have to download the jar files of selenium and include that on your Eclipse IDE.

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There is a misconception in many people that selenium has to be installed. 'Install' is not the right word to be used. You need to download the jar files from Official Selenium site and include them in your selenium project.x

Selenium Webdriver can be downloaded from
Selenium RC can be download from

You get a different set of jar files for each - RC and Webdriver.
Open eclipse, download the jar files and include them in eclipse project properties.
This is how you configure selenium. Selenium has got no exe files which you install.

Selenium IDE gets installed as an addon in firefox. RC and Webdriver jars have to configured in the project.
Selenium RC development is not going on these days as Webdriver is the lastest version. So its better that you download the webdriver jars. You also get Selenium javadocs on the site. Javadocs will contain all the information about the architecture of Webdriver. While develooping the Webdiver code, you can actually rely on that architecture and refer to them in case you are stuck in selenium. Selenium RC has a jar file called selenium-server.jar which will be needed to start the server. In selenium Webdriver, there is no server which you need to start.